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Do a bbq cookout the healthy way

It’s the time of year where you’re bound to get invited to BBQ after BBQ. There’s nothing like getting together with your group of friends to enjoy a spring/summer day with tons of great food. There’s no reason you shouldn’t look forward to each & every one! If, however, you’re worried about the setbacks that you might face with some of the less than healthy BBQ staples, here is list of ways you can ensure all the hard work that you go through by eating healthy & keeping up with your fitness routines isn’t in jeopardy.

Make a HUGE salad.- There are tons of recipes out there for a fun way to spruce up a veggie filled bowl. Make this one of the largest portions you eat.

DIY dressings- The dressing that comes in bottles is filled with preservatives, colors, & sugars, so find a great recipe for a homemade dressing. & BONUS It tastes significantly better!

Stay away from mayos & sour cream- Tons of cookout dips and dressing recipes include these heavy ingredients. Instead, why not try to use oils, herbs, vinegar, or greek yogurt to spruce up you potato salads, coleslaws or dips.

Skip the hot dogs & hamburgers- Instead make steaks, pork skewers, and marinated skinless chicken breasts.

Dive in to seafood- Scallops, shrimp, salmon & other fish are great protein alternatives.

Choose mustard over the other condiments- If you just can’t stay away from the condiments that inevitably pop up at any BBQ, mustard is a way better choice than ketchup.

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