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Quick Exercise Tips for Mom

Moms give unconditional love to their kids, but most do not do the same for their bodies. No matter what pre-pregnancy fitness level a new mom is in, it will take some work & time to get the muscles back in shape post-baby.

Fitness Showcase, Partnered with Life Fitness is sharing some of the best Mom workouts. Interested? Please see below!

Cardio is a must! – Don’t skip it!

Involving yourself in different toning exercises and strength training activities is wonderful for building muscle., however if your muscles are covered by a layer of fat you won’t be able to see them. To help rid fat, boost your cardio to burn calories. We recommend 30-40 minutes per day on the elliptical, treadmill or use the outdoors before or after your strength training.

Power Pilates

Pilates could be the answer you are looking for to help zip up those skinny jeans, or shorts again! Pilates is a precise, focused movement training that strengthens your abs, core, pelvic muscles and your entire back. If you are worried you will not be able to keep up as a beginning, don’t worry! We recommend looking into a gym near you to see what classes are offered for different level pilate goers.

Kitchen Smarts – Eat Clean, Eat Healthy

What exactly do we mean when we say to eat clean, and eat healthy? This means say NO to as many of the following as you can to help reduce inflammation, fat build up and overall cravings:

Preservatives, Chemicals and added sugars

Aim to eat a wide range of fruits & vegetables along with lean proteins such as chicken, seafood & other lean meats. Please keep in mind that exercise and nutrition are so intertwined that you likely can’t accomplish a fitness goal unless both areas are working in sync.

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