Fitness Showcase

Month: May 2015

Do a BBQ Cookout the Healthy Way!

Do a bbq cookout the healthy way It’s the time of year where you’re bound to get invited to BBQ after BBQ. There’s nothing like getting together with your group of friends to enjoy a spring/summer day with tons of great food. There’s no reason you shouldn’t look forward to each & every one! If, however, you’re worried about the setbacks that you might face with some of the less than healthy BBQ staples, here …

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Blood Pressure & Exercising

blood pressure & exercising May is National Blood Pressure Month! If high blood pressure is something that you deal with or something that you worry that you may have to deal with in the future. Instead of becoming reliant on blood pressure medication why not try out a more natural solution? Exercising, along with a healthy diet & lifestyle can help get your blood pressure under control. Monitor your pulse before, during & after your …

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