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Stay Motivated!

STAY MOTIVATED Now You Have Become Inspired, Found Your Motivation, And Strategized Your “Plan-Of-Attack”.  The Workouts Have Been Going Great; You Are Hitting Chest, Back, Legs, And Core.  However, Deep Down You Feel Something Is Not Working And You Have No Idea What It Is.  First, Let Me Say That Everybody Has Had Their Doubts About Their Fitness Level (Yes, Even Arnold), So Here Are Some Examples To Get You Back On Track. Continued Motivation …

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You’re Doing It Wrong On The Treadmill

You’re doing it wrong on the treadmill How to Improve on the Treadmill Wondering Why, Even Though You Are Dedicated To Time On That Treadmill, You Still Aren’t Seeing Results? You Could Be Doing It Wrong. Here Are Some Mistakes You Could Be Making That Could Be Holding You Back. Not Focusing: The Thing That Some People Love About Treadmills Is That They’re Convenient For Multitasking, Like Reading A Magazine, Or Having A Conversation With …

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